America is not the GREATEST country in the world anymore

“America is not the greatest country in the world anymore” These were the words which Aaron Sorkin scripted down  to air THE NEWSROOM. The Newsroom is an American Tv Series created by Aaron Sorkin. This may not be the Greatest way to start off a tv series but sure do one of the boldest way to take off. The starting 8 minutes were one of the best written scripts that I have personally seen in a television series. Who is Aaron Sorkin here’s a brief detail about him:

  • He is an Academy award winner best known for his work in The Social Network
  • He also did Screenplays for A Few Good Men, The American President, The West Wing and Moneyball.

How did he start writing?

One weekend, while house sitting at a friend’s place he found an IBM Selectric typewriter, started typing, and “felt a phenomenal confidence and a kind of joy that he had never experienced before in his life.”

Let’s come back to The Newsroom; I was wondering why Indian Media doesn’t have this kind of technological edge over the world. Then I came to know the truth “The truth is that they are afraid of the TRUTH”. This has clearly shown in the Fouth episode of The Newsroom, where an Indian Media without any reliable source goes on and publishes a big lie about US President’s trip to India costs $200 million a day. This is just an example where Indian Media has failed to do a follow up or just simply do a math. Well Congrats Aaron Sorkin for doing a great job for creating a show like this, I liked it very much even though its not getting a good review from the critics.

So far the show is doing great with a realistic sense where the Newsroom characters react to the real world stories. The good news is that the show has been renewed for a second season and bad news is that the latest newsroom talk is that Aaron Sorkin fired everyone on “The Newsroom’ Writing staff. Hope this doesn’t becomes a reason to drop THE NEWSROOM 2.0 out of the frame.

More as this story develops.